Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My thoughts on zombies.

Can zombies survive extreme cold temperatures?

If we herd zombies to Antarctica, they would be on a fairly large area with no people. I think it will a good idea, unless they can swim, then we are fucked.

Seriously I wish it would happen. So many pros, everything free. Go shopping in the mall, wack a few zombies , try on some clothes, you know? Life's good until you run out of food. Then your fucked.

You could even take over a country or two or even make a brand new country. Then you go off and repopulate the earth and write a big fancy book that for thousand of years you will control the way society acts,breathes and lives. Until humans once again develop a free thinker's brain capacity that more intelligent than the average human sheep. Till then, I will prepare for the apocalypse.